A descendant of strong working East German DDR bloodlines and tightly linebred on the combination of blood from the well known Grfental kennel, Iuri is the product of our first litter with our Schh3 female Franzi vom Grafental, and sired by Sven Grafental in Germany..
Franzi's strong DDR Pedigree combines with that of Sven Grafental to produce a solid line breeding of excellent East German Dogs known for reproducing their strong working characteristics; 
       4-5,5 V Saskia vom Haus Kaiser, 4-5,5 SG Ellex vom Haus Iris, 3-4,4 V Alf Krnersee  
4-5 Yupp vom Grfental, 3-4 Tapsi vom Parchimer Land and 4-5  Giesa vom Parchimer Land

  Iuri's dam Franzi vom Grfental, is titled SchH3, KKL1, and is V rated in structure with Hips "A" Normal.  Her coat color is extremely dark black sable.  She is intense and driven, and is very warm in temperament but is also one who likes to be the gal in charge. Franzi was titled to SchH3 at the age of 3 years.
   His sire is the well known stud from Germany

"V Sven vom Grfental, Schh3, KKL1 for life.
    Sven  is a substantial  black sable male of extreme hardness and civil temperament from Pure East German DDR working pedigree. Biting strength is considerable with grips full and hard.  Sven is focused and intense in all three phases, with extreme hardness, courage and fight in the protection work.  Sven is  "V" rated in structure, with the old DDR head type being very apparent and which the East/ DDR Dogs are known to produce in their offspring.  Sven's excellent pedigree is one containing  well known, old DDR blood; solid proven lines that are consistently producing top sport and working dogs.   Hips certified "A" Normal. 

Iuri  is a very intense young man at this early age, and is already demonstrating his strong courage and super solid nerves, high prey and retrieve drives, alpha personality and early display of defense from this strong working bloodline.  His coat coloration is a striking solid black.    His character is excellent and he is focused and happy in everything he does..  We have high hopes for this young impressive male and are looking forward to seeing him advance in his training and achievements on the schutzhund field. 




     Iuri @ 8 weeks of age.