Dargo v.d. Thuringer Kronjuwelen
LGA, SCH3, FH2, KKL1"a" Life
Pure DDR

Fons Baron and Finnie
@ 5 weeks                   @ 9 weeks         

Finnie and Fons Dargo
@ 9 weeks

Elba z Esagilu


  A repeat of our successful breeding to Dargo von den Thuringer Kronjuwelen, LGA, SCH3, FH2 (96 pts) Kkl1"a"Life-Pure DDR. was once again accomplished and produced our excellent "F" Litter. This mating produced excellent drivey pups which were very large with strong solid boning and working body structure.  Heads were substantial and these pups possessed very good focus, exceptional  temperaments
exhibiting very  balanced drives and high willingness to please.
Once again from this mating combination Elba delivered  pups in coat coloration of solid blacks, black sables and bi-color.

Elba delivered
10 beautiful, healthy and very dark pups on July 8th,
6 males and 4 females.
2 solid black, 3 bi-color and
5 very dark black sables.


All pups from this litter have been sold

Watch for
Elba's Upcoming Litter
by our DDR male,
Lux, in early 2006


     Imported from the Slovak Republic, Elba is the daughter of the Famous producing stud dog, Xero z Pohranicni straze, (SchH3, IPO3, See Elba's father page
). A Large-boned and substantial female,  Elba is an excellent representative of her famous sire Xero z Pohranicni straze, and grandsire Grim z Pohranicni straze, (ZVV3, SchH3, IPO3) both of which have pronounced courage and willingness to fight and are strong examples of the quality working type produced from the Pohranicni bloodline.  Elba shows strong defensive drive coupled with fast and energetic retrieve response, and she exhibits a solid and correct working structure.  Her temperament  is balanced and clear and she is good with children.  Elba is breed surveyed rated Dobry,  1st Select Breeding Class, she is Titled SVV1, IPO1, with Hips and Elbows rated excellent 0/0.

     Sire of Elba's previous litter, Dargo von den Thuringer Kronjewelen, comes to the United States from the prestigious German DDR Kennel
"Osterburg Quell,  where he stood as their primary stud dog siring 35 litters there, and is owned by Jill Frost of TimberhausK9.  Dargo is everything a good German Shepherd Dog should be.  His coat color is a true Bi-color.  He is very clear in the head, has a wonderful temperament, is pronounced in all three phases, has nerves of steel and is extremely hard when provoked!  He absolutely will work in a real situation and has full mouth, bone crushing grips.  He has a high willingness to please his handler and his temperament is exceptional.  He is not aloof, but friendly and watchful, willing to give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise. He is a very large male with extreme substance, bone, and that beautiful blocky head that DDR dogs are well known for!!  Not only does Dargo carry the rare and extremely sought- after old world DDR lines up close in his pedigree, he is a virtual clone of his famous grandsire, Don Rolandsteich!   
Hips A Normal.   See Dargo's wonderful old DDR Pedigree.......               Dargo's Page......
    Combining bloodlines from the famous DDR dogs Don V.  Rolandsteich, Golf Ritterberg, Iwo v.d. Buschecke, DDR Held v. Ritterberg, DDR Ingo v. Rudingen, Hanne v. Furstendamm, Bero Friedersdorfer Flur, as well as A. Lido Jamirex, A. Barinja Cega, Grischa v. Schwarzen Milan, and Pascha v. Glockneck  will bring about specific characteristics, showing solid structural integrity along with great and superior working abilities,  as well as balanced drive in all phases.

     The qualities that you can expect from this extremely strong working bloodline combination are:  very early presence of working drives, rich, dark pigmentation of coat in solid blacks, black sable and bi-color coat pattern,  courage and super strong nerves, high prey and retrieve drives as well as early presence of active defense.  You may expect excellent warmth in character type as well as extremely good temperaments with children and other family members. 

     The puppies will be excellent for Dual and Single Purpose, SchH,  Family / Personal protection, Search and Rescue, and other specialized working fields.  The temperaments from this combination will be very versatile and the temperament type will be balanced and clear. 

Photos from Previous Dargo X Elba "F" Litter...
All Pups from these litters are sold!

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  Faith, Finnie, &Fons Baron,  
Fyto v.Schraderhaus "F" Litter v. Schraderhaus Falk v.Schraderhaus
Freida & Falk Finnie v.Schraderhaus  Finnie and Fons Dargo
@ 5 weeks @ 5 weeks @ 9 weeks
Fons Dargo v.Schraderhaus Fons Dargo v.Schraderhaus Finnie v.Schraderhaus 
@ 5 weeks @ 9 weeks @ 9 weeks

   All Pups from this litter are sold!


Below are  Previous  Dargo  X  Elba puppy photos
 from "C" Litter


Elba X Dargo litter/ 1 day old


2 1/2 weeks old

Elba X Dargo litter/ 1 day old


2 1/2 weeks old

First feeding @ 2 1/2 weeks old

Chahouley von Schraderhaus
@ 4 months old

Crock  and Crueger von Schraderhaus
11 weeks old
Crock (Shadow) von Schraderhaus
9 months old
Crock  von Schraderhaus
2 1/2 years of age
Crock is Co-owned by Schraderhaus K9

Caleb von Schraderhaus

Caleb von Schraderhaus