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"V" Lux von Kameruner Eck
SchH3, KKL1 Life,
Pure DDR Lines...
Tino vom Felsenschloss son
Lord vom Gleisdreieck Grandson
Schraderhaus K9 Stud Male

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Gerry von Weltwitz 165w

"V" Gerry von Weltwitz
IPO3, FH2, DM Clear
Pure DDR Bloodlines, German Import
Schraderhaus K9 Stud Male

Caleb Den Lu v. Schraderhaus
CSAU, Brevet, Ring Sport
Brother of our Norbo Den Lu v, Sch.
@ 17 mos. Competing in Ring Sport
Norbo v Schraderhaus x Lusy Naspo
"C" Litter
Owned by Karen & Daryl Moegling

JuRondo v Schraderhaus 165w

JuRondo von Schraderhaus
Italo z Eurosportu x
Biscaya Moravia Campanella
Competing in Ring Sport
Owned by Joel Tan

Sentinelle s Big Bull Caribou  

Sentinelle von Schraderhaus
BloodTrackingDog & Big Bull Caribou
Onika X Lux
Owned by John Engelken

Hary z Duricovho dvora
Schraderhaus K9 Female
Slovakian Import

"Qui Che' von Schraderhaus "
Lux v Kameruner Eck
x Hetja von Schraderhaus
Pure DDR Bloodlines
Schraderhaus K9 Female

Y Litter Female Yulia 10.5 wks
Yulia v. Schraderhaus

Ivo v Hauental x Xenna ParchimerLand
Pure DDR Bloodlines
Schraderhaus K9 Female @ 10wks

Norbo Den Lu v Shraderhaus in Slovakia

"SG" Norbo Den Lu v Schraderhaus, ZVV1, IPO1
Titled in Czech Republic
Son of our Norbo v Schraderhaus
x Lusy Naspo
Schraderhaus K9 Male

Xena Ort CS, SVV1
Oct. 29, 1998 - July 1, 2013
Slovakian Import
Schraderhaus K9 Female

                     About our dogs at Schraderhaus K9  

   We are a privately owned and operated kennel located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest Region. Our facility is located on the outskirts of the foothills of Mount  Rainier, bordering the rural towns of Roy/Graham - (Click here for Map & Directions) , where we have lived since 1977.
   Our Primary Focus is on producing beautiful and healthy dogs with structurally sound and solid working body type;  dogs who possess and exhibit good temperament along with balanced working drives, thereby producing offspring who are also a pleasure to live with.  Correct working body structure along with soundness of mind are extremely important within our breeding program, with our goal being to produce offspring with the same solid qualities so evident in the breeding stock we choose to mate together.  Sound hips and elbows, structural health, keen intelligence, steadfast loyalty and superior working ability are equally important qualities within our breeding program.  Selecting correct, healthy working conformation coupled with keeping an eye towards beauty, while never breeding for the sake of looks alone, continues to produce dogs from our kennel which possess the correct balanced drives and which are also pleasing to look at.  We will not sacrifice these goals simply to produce high-drive, overly aggressive dogs.  

   Our breeding stock consists of the bloodlines of precious old working foundation lines from the countries of Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.  We take great care to insure that our breeding stock is certified clear of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.  Our dogs are descendants of the most influential and sought after old foundation bloodlines and working lineage from East Germany ;  such as the great Lord vom Gleisdreieck, Jeff vom Flämings-Sand, Sven Grafental, Held Ritterberg, Ingo V. Rudingen and Don v. Rolandsteich, and from Slovakia, 6 time World Team Competitor, Norbo Ben Ju.. Our breeding females also possess heritage from the genetic history of the best known and most highly sought after proven working bloodlines for Czech/Slovak pedigrees; Bero v Friedersdorfer Fleur, Lido and Chery Jamirex, Figa Cega, Grim z Pohraniční stráže, Iwo v.d. Buschecke, and especially noteworthy...the wonderful foundation lines from which the Czech working dogs originated: the famous and well respected Czech kennels of  Pohraniční stráže, Jipo Me and Jirkova dvora.

   We incorporate the very best quality breeding females into our program; those which are known to possess warm temperaments and are good mothers, are substantial in bone and body type and who are also known to possess strong genotype and are proven to be consistent in passing on these qualities.   Our dogs are clear in the mind, and have balanced working drives with sound nerves.  These qualities, which have long been part of the breed standard as requirements for the German Shepherd Dog, are what we look for in our breeding dogs. Our dogs have proven to consistently pass these qualities along into their progeny.

Drako v Schraderhaus 6 mos with Jean
   Drako von Schraderhaus @ 6 mos, with Jean
   Drako is Pure DDR, DM Clear, Frozen Semen on File
         (Elfie v Klödener Riss x Aron vom Poppitz)

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In Loving Memory

Norbo von Schraderhaus
Feb 26, 2005-Feb 7, 2008
Norbo von Schraderhaus  Feb 26, 2005  -  Feb 7, 2008..."In his eyes, you saw a loving soul, and in your heart, you knew you'd never have a finer friend."   Rest in Peace, Sweet Boy
Click to view Norbo's first Litter with Lusy Naspo

Denny Jipo-Me  Feb 7,1998 - March 18, 2008

Aik in Germany

Aik vom Brachtpetal  Mar 29,2010 - November 17, 2013

"He is your friend, your partner, 
your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true,
to the last beat of his heart.  
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

**** Author Unknown ****

Prior to a Schraderhaus Pup purchase, Schraderhaus K9 screens new puppy clients via multiple email correspondence as well as by phone.  This has proven to be beneficial to both buyer and seller, and is in the best interest of the puppy.  Clients interested in purchasing a Schraderhaus pup are encouraged to make an appointment to visit our our kennel and meet prospective parents. Upon establishing your pup choice, you may send your deposit via PayPal from our home page or our Upcoming Litter Page, securing your pup immediately. To assist our clients in placing their deposit we offer several payment options via PayPal in order for them to secure their pup, and also Postal Money Order or Bank Cashier check sent Next Day Priority Mail.


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