Our Puppy Philosophy ~


Your new
GSD Puppy and Schraderhaus K9...

Your puppy is as important to us,
as it is to you! 




      Schraderhaus K9

     Your puppy purchase will be a long-term investment for you. 

We believe you should understand the importance
of being an informed dog owner.


German Shepherd Puppies are a Serious Responsibility,
and the decision to bring one into the family pack
 should be
well thought through.

    Our German Shepherd Dogs produce outstanding offspring, and our puppies are the passion... and pride... of our Kennel. 
We believe that, in addition to their excellent genetic traits for
workability, stable temperament and sound structural health,
the amount of time you invest into your pups'
early socialization and stimulation is of the utmost importance,
and is
to having a dog which is adept at putting their
genetic traits into use...to their full potential... as adults. 
The amount of time invested by you into your dog when it is young
           is a direct reflection of what your dog becomes
as an adult.


    Our puppies are born in our home. 
Our females welcome our assistance and consider us to be the
" alpha dog" of their pack, allowing us to interact with mother and assist
 during the birthing of the pups,
and to monitor the complete whelping process of
each and every one of our litters. 


Onika Lux pups  


This insures that all puppies are safely born, and are healthy
and cared for from the start. 
  Great attention is also given to the mother
at this important time;
for her own safety during the whelping process
as well as for her future reproductive health . 

    From Birth, Our pups are raised in our home,
where they interact with our family daily.  They inhabit our 
kitchen and are housed in their large and comfortable whelping box,
until they are 3 1/2 weeks of age. 
 Here they are well socialized and become accustomed to
 the everyday sounds of the hustle and bustle of a busy home life...
clanking of pans, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, TV noise, etc.
In addition they also have constant human interaction and stimulation from us and, mother permitting...
from friends and family who come to visit and view the new babies,
from early on after their birth.


When they begin to become more active, the pups are moved into our
exterior kennel facility, where they will hear and see our other dogs
and become accustomed to the sights and sounds
that our adult dogs produce. 
The pups are exposed to the new sound of an electric blower, used daily to air-sweep away dirt and debris in the isle way, as well as the loud protective barking of the adult dogs housed near them...an immediate reaction of our dogs when people enter the facility. 

By the time the pups are ready to graduate to their new homes,
they are well acclimated to loud noises. 


When they reach the age to begin serious training, they exhibit
steady nerve for noise tolerance, demonstrating focus
  and courage under gunshot fire, and are sure and stable
when presented with normal distractions
that are encountered in their daily lives.

     We love our puppies and spend a great deal of time with them. 
We observe every one of them closely, each and every day,
as they grow. 
By the time they are ready to be placed into new homes,
we are well aware of each one's unique personality
and temperament.

Observing our pups thoroughly each day enables us to assist our clients
in correctly choosing a puppy
which is well suited to their needs. 

This ensures a good match for our puppies
with our clients and their lifestyle.

However, at this stage your puppy's life experiences are just beginning. 
It is imperative that the first several weeks in his new environment
be dedicated to socilization of the pup with other dogs,
experiences off your property, car rides,
walking down safe paths in areas where he can
safely explore his new world,
and in meeting new people, cats, toddlers, and strangers etc. 
ALL OF THESE THINGS and more are nesessary during the
 Imprinting Period
 of your new puppy, which is
from the time he arrives to you
up through the age of 16-18 weeks. 
All experiences during your pup's imprinting period
should be provided with the goal of
experiencing a positive outcome for your pup,
as these are the building blocks of your pup's
future confidence and outlook towards new experiences,
with which he will view his world as an adult.






 The following is  Included
 for our clients when purchasing a Schraderhaus Puppy : 

All necessary paperwork for Application to AKC for registration
Written Health Guarantee    **  See Contracts & Guarantee
Written Hip Guarantee    **  See Hip Contracts & Guarantee
First Puppy Vaccination and Wormings along with record of dates administered
    to the pup.
Life-long support and advice from the breeder throughout the life of your
    Schraderhaus Puppy

      The Following is al
so available and is Optional at your request : 

        Cost for Items listed below is in addition to the purchase price of your puppy

 Insertion of Microchip Identification

        Crate for your puppy  (for pups that are being shipped to your location)

Shipping of your puppy (additional expenses may apply; See  shipping /airline info)    

If pup is to be shipped...Veterinary Exam / Health Certificate / Rabies (if over 12 wks)

      When Shipping out of the US..
Additional Boarding / **Quarantine expenses apply;


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Elena von Schraderhaus


Schraderhaus K9
Quality Working German Shepherd Dogs

Roy, WA. 





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