XTOR aka TORR_Hena Sergeant 7 wks
Torr @ 9 wks

Erich S., in Lacey

"Torr" has found his new home!

" XTOR von Schraderhaus " 

DOB 6/12/2015

Torr is a young energetic male with very good
ball drive and protection qualities. 
Torr is suitable for an
 experienced, strong and
knowledgeable dog handler
 into a working home atmosphere,
as an an excellent protection dog for the
 home as well as for IPO and Police work.
Torr's father is working Police K9;
mother is Border Patrol Czech working lines.
TORR has a very good nose
and would excel in tracking /scent work.
XTOR 11 mos_stand
TORR 11 mos
XTOR 11 mos_sitzTORR 11 mos
  Xtor 11 mos_ballTORR 11 mos 


Congratulations to
Fernando and Jennifer L.,

Whitney 9 wks
Whitney at 9 wks

3 yrs_200w 
 A medium large sized but substantial and
lively black sable female,
suitable for

Home Protection and Family companion,
Whitney von Schraderhaus
 is a young Female

Suitable for a knowledgeable dog owner as very good home
 protection dog and family
 guardian. She would also excel in
 SAR work and Canine Nosework
possessing an excellent temperament,
Whitney is nicely motivated
to work,
demonstrating an extraordinary natural ability and interest in using her nose.
 She has had beginning tracking
 and narcotics scent work training.

Spayed Female
* Microchipped *

Shipping Additional
if Required

April 1st

Whitney has lived inside as well
as outdoors.
She is fully crate trained but
prefers to spend the majority
of her time outdoors where
she can oversee
 what's going on around her.

She is a busy girl and
 "off leash Dog Park" kind of dog !  
While she's not confrontational, she
also won't ignore a challenge from other females, but is tolerant
of male dogs. 
She will also tolerate cats
and other small animals.

Riscay aka Rhea 19 mos
" Riscay "
aka Rhea
DOB August 15th, 2013

Solid Black Female

Aron vom Poppitz
Elfie vom Klodener Riss

Shipping Additional if needed.

Cuvara stack_300w 2.5 yrs old
Cuvara sitz 2.5 yrs 200w

Congratulations to
Tanis D, Fort Collins

Cura von Schraderhaus
1.5 yrs of age

DOB 10/01/2012
Eina x Ivo Litter

DM Clear
50% DDR /50% Czech

Suitable for knowledgeable dog owner
as a very good home companion and family
 guardigan, Cuvara has lived inside as
well as outdoors.

is NOT an offleash Dog Park kind of dog !
 She's non controntational but won't ignore a
challenge from other females,
and is tolerant of male dogs. .


Sired by
V Rated SCH 3 " Ivo von Hauental "

Cuvara is out of our Czech/ Slovak female,
Eina von Schraderhaus

BH, AD Tr1
Cuvara is recommended for a knowledgeable working dog person.  She has an excellent temperament,
 and is nicely motivated to work. She has demonstrated extraordinary natural ability and interest in herding and in just 4 weeks time was entered in a recognized herding trial and earned her PT Title.
Judges and trainers alike from CA. were highly complimentary as to her natural instincts and inherited ability to command respect of the sheep and be able to so effectively drive them with her power;
Capable of going to high levels in herding competition, stating Cuvara has what it takes to become
 one excellent herding dog! She is an agile athletic dog and would also do well in agility
or competition obedience.

Cuvara is Fully housebroken, crate trained, and is UP to DATE on all vaccinations and wormings.
Cuvara is a good candidate for a home personal protection dog and companion and
would provide excellent home protection for a single person or family.

  $2,500.00, Microchipped,
+ Shipping Additional.



Leyna Stack_16 mos 340w
A Fenced yard recommended
Leyna has a
New Home

Solid black female
for Home Protection 
and Family companion

Leyna von Schraderhaus
View Leyna's pedigree

Spayed Female
Born March 9th, 2011

Suitable for 
knowledgeable dog owner 
as very good home companion 
and family guardian. 
Leyna has lived inside 
as well as outdoors.

Leyna is 
NOT an 
off leash Dog Park
 kind of dog !  
She's not confrontational but 
won't ignore a challenge 
from other females, 
and is tolerant of male dogs.
Leyna is a well tempered, naturally very sweet female.
She has a nice body type, and is medium large in build. 
Has plenty of drive, and is started in obedience work, considered green at this time.  She learns quickly so would come around nicely in Obedience  with consistency and time.  Started in K9 nosework odor detection and did well. . She has great nose for scent work,  She has very impressive bark to alert you to intruders, and will deter those unwanted entries from occurring. .
 Leyna is good candidate for a home personal protection dog and companion.  She would make an excellent home protection dog for a single woman or family. She gets along with other dogs, males or females, provided they don't start something first.

Suitable for 
knowledgeable dog owner 
as very good home companion 
and family guardian. 
Arkona has lived inside 
as well as outdoors.

Arkona is NOT an 
off leash Dog Park
 kind of dog !  
She's not confrontational but 
won't ignore a challenge 
from other females, 
and is tolerant of male dogs. 

to Nancy V in Wisconsin

Arkona von Schraderhaus

3/4 Czech / 1/4 East German 
Dark Sable
Hips OFA Good
UTD on vaccinations

A fenced yard is a requirement.
She is an active dog so will require room to exercise on a daily basis. 

DOB April 8th, 2010.
Spayed Female
+ Shipping Additional
  Arkona 2 yrs old
Daughter of 
Yeltsa von Schraderhaus x Chachar Bily   Trpaslik


Alexa_females Sold 

Big Congratulations to Tim S of NE.
on his purchase of this excellent working female.

for Personal Protection 
and IPO Competition 

Alexa Morgan von Schraderhaus
aka "Lena"
View Alexa's pedigree

Spayed Female
Born April 2010

From Lena's Trainer, Martina Wilson:
Lena is a well tempered, naturally very sweet female. She possesses great personality and never ending working drives. Lena is good candidate as active personal protection dog and companion. 
Lena has great nose for scent work, in tracking she is just finishing off her articles and tracks about 600 paces. She has been introduced to grass, alfalfa, and dirt. She can do areal searches for bark and hold, we did not switch her to an active bite as we were focused on IPO training. She has very impressive bark and hold,  works in about 70% defense but her prey drive has been really taking off as she has matured. She is excellent in new environments. She can trial anywhere, she is not a dog that will do well only on a home field. She can handle strong helpers and even soft helpers. She has good bite, good speed, is athletic and has a BH routine. We just started her on retrieves and jumps. She is good on all 6 blinds. 

Lena is an excellent female for IPO enthusiast. She needs a handler who understand that she is very strong and looks for fight in protection. She outs clean and has a call out off the blind. She has nice control work in her protection and she has been trained in Slovak language. Lena has her BH and she is nearly IPO ready. She has running down command, stand was not practiced yet. She is fast in her OB upbeat and focused. Works for tug and a ball.
She would make an excellent personal protection dog for a single woman or family. She will bite suit, hidden and would do muzzle if it was introduced to her. Lena is suited for any venue, including herding. She gets along with any dogs, males or females, my cat, even my chickens and ducks are safe with her. She is playful with dogs.


 SAR, Police Narcotics tracking work and as 
 home protector 
and family guardian. 
Bojhan has lived inside 
as well as outdoors.

Bojhan has an 
excellent nose for tracking 
and scent detection.
He is non-confrontational 
with other dogs.

to Franz Tisch, 
Trainer for Kitsap Co Police Dept. 

Bojhan von Schraderhaus
(Helga z Eurosportu x Norbo von Schraderhaus)

Czech Bloodlines
Black Sable
UTD on vaccinations

Bojhan von Schraderhaus
Working Police K9, Auburn PD
DOB April 28th, 2010.

Frozen semen on file 
from this young male to be utilized 
in our Schraderhaus breeding program.

Bojhan is a working Police K9
 for the State of Washington.
Kitsap County K9 Trainer
 Franz Tisch 
working with Bojhan 
@ 2.5 yrs of age.  

Bojhan is Son of 
Norbo von Schraderhaus 
X Helga z Eurosportu
Bojhan Apprehension training

Bojhan Apprehension training 2


Congratulations to Patti S 
of Oregon
" WolfGang von Schraderhaus "
Training as a Therapy dog 
for VA Veterans in need

Wolfgang Stack 29 mos 400w
WolfGang 2 years of age
Wolfgang Head 330w

Congratulations to Patti S 
of Oregon 
" WolfGang von Schraderhaus "
DOB December 10, 2009
SV: Hips A1 /ED Normal

Black Sable Young Adult Male  

 Pure DDR /East German Pedigree 
DM Clear

Sired by our DDR Stud,
 "V" Lux vom Kameruner Eck,  
out of our East German Import female,
SG Xenna vom ParchimerLand 

SCH1, KKL1  

  Pedigree for WolfGang

This young substantial male is suitable as
 an excellent SAR prospect, or for use in narcotics scent work, 
sheep herding dog, protection dog for family. 
His litter brother is a working SAR Dog in Oregon.  
His temperament is superb, and he would also serve well as a good pet/ companion dog.
His temperament is very open and friendly, and he has been raised with children 
and lived both inside the home as well as outside. 
Wolfgang has had 5-6 private lessons in Personal Protection work 
and possesses good protection/defensive skills.
 He has good prey and ball drives.  

Contact Jean

Daughter of
Damien Plavno
Cora Policia

Born August , 2004

Home / Personal Protection Female

Shipping Additional

Harys Pear
We're thrilled to be sending Háry into a 
Working Service Home 

where she will be 
LOVED for life. 

 BiColor Female,  Imported from Slovakia   
    Excellent Home/ Personal Protection Dog

Háry is a serious female, and very loyal to her family. She bonds quickly with the woman of the house, and will be an excellent deterrent against unwanted advances during walks and hikes, etc.  She is very effective in preventing break-ins within the home and surrounding property when given the area to patrol..  She alerts strongly, aggressively, and unmistakably to unwanted strangers lurking about. 
She is a very clean dog, and is well mannered in the house. 
She loves to go in the car and travels well in a crate.  

Háry is 
NOT an "off leash dog park"  kind of dog.

Best suited for someone knowledgeable about the working German Shepherd dog's drives and temperament, Hary is not a handler hard female and is well mannered for a knowledgeable dog person, woman or man,  to handle.  
Best suited for a home without another female dog in the home... 
 Inside cats would not be favorable for a mutually beneficial placement situation, 
Non Aggressive, Agreeable male dogs are OK. 


Contact Jean

Contact Jean
If you are interested in being a
 qualifying Foster Home

You must be  located 
within 75 miles
 of our Facility.  

If you believe you qualify 
for our 
Foster Program, 
please Email me 
with full details 
of your living circumstances 

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SG Biscaya Moravia Campanella
Hips A1/ ED Normal

SPAYED female, Excellent family dog and loves
children of all ages. Well suited for

knowledgeable dog owner, particularly a
single owner who is looking for a
highly devoted and intelligent companion
for home and property.

Strong in natural protection ,
will bond closely with her new owner..
Not aggressive to other females
yet also
not submissive
to them.
She gets along well with male dogs. 
Biscaya Head  


West German/ Czech/ East German
Black Sable

UTD on vaccinations

DM Certified Clear

$500.00 Adoption Fee
Shipping additional if needed.

email me
for more information on
additional upcoming retiring females.

Biscaya Moravia Campanella "SG" Biscaya Moravia Campanella ZVV1  


Feel free to contact us for more information as our dogs become available

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Contact Jean

 Contact Jean  
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 253-843-1123  PST
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