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Young Green dogs with basic training and Obedience started; Young Fully Trained and Titled Dogs with ZVV / SVV / SCH / IPO titles.  Also Available are SPECIALTY TRAINED or CERTIFIED ADULT WORKING K9 DOGS including dogs which are highly titled, with multiple titles earned.

The dogs we provide are top quality "Old World Type" German Shepherd dogs. These dogs are healthy, strong Czech/Slovak or DDR /East German dogs with stable temperaments.  Coat color is deeply pigmented and is typically of rich dark black sable, solid black or true bicolor coat coloration. All dogs are tattooed for Identification and have a Medical Immunization/ European Pet Passport.  The dogs are shipped by air transport to your country's main airport, and once dogs arrive at their stated destination airport, final responsibility is passed over to you the customer.  Transport from destination airport is solely the responsibility of the client.



We can supply dogs with or without pedigree who are trained for real life situations. The Dogs are trained by highly skilled handlers who have the experience to train the dog in a positive manner and to bring forward the dog's greatest potential for the work.  These dogs are suitable for use in Military and Police work, Search and Rescue work, drug and bomb special maneuvers as well as to make excellent home companion and protection dogs within  a family environment. These dogs work in all kinds of conditions and environments, the handlers  and trainers exposing these dogs to extreme weather and a variety of search conditions  including dark buildings, large outdoor areas, stairs, slippery floor conditions and gunfire. The dogs possessing the bloodlines of past DDR and Czech ancestry have long been admired  and appreciated for their high intelligence and loyalty to their handler, serious defense work and high prey drive, along with their excellent social behavior and ability to settle in the home and to provide enjoyment to their owners.  We will make every effort to insure that the dog we offer for purchase is highly capable of doing the intended work and is well suited to the client's needs for the job in which the dog will perform. 


   Search and Rescue Dogs. (Green Dogs or with Advanced Training )

   Police Service/Patrol Dogs. Single and Dual Purpose. (Green Dogs or with Advanced Training )

   Special Forces Dogs:  SWAT, BOMB, DRUG DETECTION Dogs  (Dogs with Advanced Training)

   Military Special Unit Service Dogs (Dogs with Advanced Training)


●   Dogs for Home Companion/ Personal Protection or Private Security Service Dogs.  
      (Green Dogs or with Advanced Training ) 

●   Excellent Quality Breeding Dogs ( With working Titles) 

●   Sport Dogs (Schutzhund dogs ) available as green dogs with sport potential , or dogs w/ titles earned.

●   Family Companion Dogs / (w/Basic Obedience)


The cost of dogs will differ, based on each dog's type, bloodline /pedigree, level of training the dog has achieved, titles earned, and the dog's individual ability to perform the work.  Because all dogs are different, we do not have pre-established fixed prices, nor posted prices for each available dog. 

Please send us a contact request
with your information and your listed criteria for the dog you are interested in. We will contact you with answers to your inquiry  following receipt of your email. 

  DOG TRAINING AND TITLING :  (Additional cost) 

 When a dog is available for purchase and at the time it is listed for sale has not yet received its working titles, the additional cost for training and passing the client requested titles is not included in the dog's price, if the dog is to be trained after the purchase.  These additional training Services are available for specialty police service work as well as for passing examination for working titles: (ZVV1 - SVV1 - IPO1 - SCHh1)    It is common training practice in Europe for these young adolescent dogs  to be placed into families to be raised with children. This provides the dog with a solid foundation of socialization.  This variety of new experiences instills in them the ability to interact in a reliable manner, enabling them to be used for protection of families with children, as well as a confident dog which is highly suitable for law enforcement. All dogs have clear minds and good social skills. 




Due to an increasing demand for puppies and adult dogs of TRUE WORKING LINE Czech/DDR and Slovak German Shepherd Bloodlines, these dogs are becoming more and more difficult to get.  If you see a dog posted for sale on our site which meets your requirements, we recommend you make your decision to purchase in a timely manner.  When New Dogs or Litters are posted for sale on our site, remember that these dogs can be sold the same day their information is posted as available for sale.

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