Iuri von Schraderhaus

Iuri von Schraderhaus

  Beautiful and impressive strong boned solid black male with compact working
structure, substantial bone and excellent head type showing very nice expression.
 Iuri is nicely put together for working conformation and should mature to a substantial adult with excellent protection qualities.
   His Sire, Sven vom
Gräfental, is "V" Rated in conformation and has been a well known and highly sought after top producer in Germany for a combination of outstanding working structure and is very well known for producing hard,  pronounced temperament in his offspring.  In addition to the excellent bloodlines Iuri inherits from his sire line, he inherits the incredible and well known blood of the Gräfental kennel from his mother line, Franzi vom Gräfental as well.  Franzi brings in the excellent blood for tracking,  protection and serious bitework qualities from the great DDR sire, Lord vom Gleisdreieck.
"Lord" was a top producing male who was renowned for  imparting excellent working drives into his offspring,  and was one of the finest producers of sound hips (producing good-excellent hips with around 98.5% success rate).    Lord got his SchH1 title with a perfect score of 300 points.  Out of his first 19 trials, he scored 15 perfect 100's in tracking.  His lowest tracking score was 97!    **DDR Lines to Jeff vom Flamings-Sand, Blacky vom Gleisdreieck, and Ingo von Rudingen (credited for producing some of the strongest structural health for the working German Shepherd gene pool, vastly improving upon pigmentation and working abilities).

Franzi's Litter with Sven

Iuri @ 6 months of age.

  News Flash... Direct From Iuri's owner  
"Iuri has just completed his first drug bust .... at the young age of just over 9 1/2 months!!!  He did tremendously well for a puppy, and is progressing well in socialization, obedience, and has great ball drive.  He has one scent well under his belt and will be adding a second scent into his knowledge base very soon.  I feel Iuri has the potential to become the #1 Police Dog in the US for this particular kind of work.  I am pleased to have a dog which can contribute to the protection of our country in such a way.
  February 14 '07..."Happy Valentines Day Jean, Iuri is doing Great and i do mean great. i use him as my training dog to my students that are coming through the school. i like his even temperament and his devotion to me, even when another Border Agent uses him in tracking, no matter what type of praise that is given to him upon the find, he is released {we say "Okay} the cop starts to praise Him but Iuri runs to me for pat and affection. Never had a dog do that. Now I'm getting request for pups from him if i ever find the right breed companion for him. I'm really hard when i test a dog for a breeder, besides hip, shoulders, temperament, they must have trainability too.

   Iuri PhotoPed   
Iuri von Schraderhaus  is linebred on the following DDR Dogs

Linebreeding - 5 generations


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