Shipping Services

We offer shipping services to our clients
living outside our local area. 
Shipping and related charges  are in addition  to the purchase price
of your puppy.
 Currently, this cost is ** $450-475.00

 Note: ** Price may change based on cost adjustments by the airlines.


For your convenience,
 We offer the following
shipping and delivery options, depending on location and availability. Shipping age 8-10 wk pup is an additional **$450.00; shipping within the USA and/or Canada only.
Shipping costs are subject to change without notice, due to fluctuation of airline pricing
 Pricing includes: airfare, crate, veterinary exam, health certificate, certification of acclimation if needed, and transport cost to deliver the pup for departure from
Seattle International Airport, for the pup's flight to you via Commercial Airline.  Pricing for shipping costs shown are based on a 200/300 series medium shipping crate and a total weight (crate and puppy) of under 70lbs.  

We require puppies be fully paid for by age 6 weeks if being shipped.
When shipping pups
within the U.S.
8 - 10 weeks of age

   ** Microchip  is Optional at client's request...** Add $50.00     

 **Air Freight charges are in addition to the puppy purchase price & must be prepaid    by the buyer, prior to us sending your puppy to you via air **
** Unless other arrangements have been made well in advance of shipping date** 

For info on additional costs for requirements to
ship your puppy within the US,
      such as Rabies Vaccination (if pup is over 12 weeks of age ),

  and also

** USDA Inspection Certificate for Out of Country Shipment and additional criteria,
    which. depending on what country your puppy will be entering,
require rabies vaccination must be given at 12 weeks of age.
We no longer ship to Rabies Free Countries due to
Import/Export Quarantine requirements.
This is due to the requirements that the dog be detained at the breeder's establishment for an additional period of time in the US,
following the administration of rabies vaccination,
and further 4-6 mos waiting period, as quarantine,
prior to being allowed to enter Countries outside the US...

  NOTE:   If this is the policy for the country your pup is to enter,
we will ship to a destination of your approval within the US, to a friend or family member who can care for the pup during the quarantine period. 
additional requirements along with the additional costs
 and are in addition to the price of your puppy;

                                * please call or email us to request this information.



  We take the responsibility of shipping a puppy very seriously.
Every precaution is taken to
   insure that your pup is shipped safely

to it's new home

     Schraderhaus K9   



    The following is
 Included  for our clients when purchasing a Schraderhaus Puppy :    

All necessary paperwork for Application to AKC for registration
Written Health Guarantee    **  See Contracts & Guarantee
Written Hip Guarantee         **  See Hip Guarantee
Current Puppy Vaccinations and Wormings as required for age of the pup, along with  
health record of dates administered to the pup.
Upon request, Puppy's own "security blanket" - a towel bearing scents familiar to the
    puppy, for use in the puppy's nest for the first several days...helps to reduce stress.
Life-long support and advice from your breeder, Schraderhaus K9, throughout the life
    of your Schraderhaus Puppy

                   The Following is also available and is Optional at your request:   
       Insertion of Microchip Identification

       Crate for your puppy   

       Shipping of your puppy (additional expenses may apply; See  shipping /airline info)    

       If pup is to be shipped...Veterinary Exam / Health Certificate / Rabies (if over 12 wks)

       When Shipping out of the US.. Additional Boarding / **Quarantine expenses apply;


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