The Importance of the 'Ingredient'...

We spoke about raw bones earlier in our feeding plan;

Their importance in the canine diet is invaluable, and bears repeating.   SO... In addition to the meals listed previously,  We recommend that you feed your puppy, as well as your adult dog, Raw Meaty Bones on a regular weekly basis.

Raw Meaty Bones are extremely beneficial for your young pup as it grows and begins to produce it's bone structure as it grows and matures.   There are many beneficial gifts that your puppy will derive from eating raw meaty bones.  Supplying your pup with raw bones for him to eat is an excellent way to insure a healthy production of strong and solid bones for his later health in life, and to help guard against hip dysplasia and arthritis.  Raw bones are safe for your puppy, but not  cooked bones of any kind, particularly that of chicken or turkey, as cooking will cause bones to splinter when they are eaten. Cooking also removes much of the benefits they will derive from the raw bones, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as additional fat which is for the most part cooked off during the cooking process. Fat has been shown to be an excellent source of oils containing vitamins A and D for healthy and problem free skin and coat. The  raw bone marrow has been credited for building strength into the pups own bones as well, and gives him a boost of easily and readily available protein in a form that is the best way for him to absorb it into his system and make it usable to the pup as he grows.  Bone marrow is excellent for proper development of their own bones and joints, insuring their proper overall structural growth.   Large knuckle bones, which are available from your butcher, also provide excellent benefit to your puppy as well as your adult dog.  Raw Meaty Bones will provide them with great chewing exercise, as well as overall bodily exercise for most of the muscles in their body.  This is achieved as they grasp the bone between their paws, tensing up their muscles all over in an effort to hold, chew on, and keep the bone in their grasp.  This is much the same as a stretching or isometric exercise, as they will be focused entirely on this bone for many hours.  This provides them with nothing short of sheer enjoyment and works to keep the pup's body in excellent, hard, lean and firm condition.  It is also a very good way to keep those young pups occupied and out of least for a while!  Raw Meaty Bones are an inexpensive way for your dog to keep his mouth full of clean, sparkling white teeth and will eliminate the need for teeth cleaning appointments at your Vet Office.  Along with healthy gums and fresh breath, clean teeth will contribute to his overall health and body condition. Your dog will have a longer, healthier life, free of gum disease, tooth decay and eating difficulties as they become older dogs.

It is important to note why the bones must be fed Raw .  Cooking the bones causes them to become brittle, making them splinter when they are chewed and ingested.  Raw Bones on the other hand, are readily eaten by your puppy.   In addition, cooking the bones removes valuable enzymes, which are responsible for keeping the teeth healthy and white.  Many additional nutrients are lost, including fat, which is beneficial for their coat and skin.  Bone marrow, (the soft inner material in the center of the bone), is an important food source for your pup, and is essential in production of their own bone growth and development.

We Do NOT feed raw fish or pork in any form.  

** See our "Informational Link on Diarrhea"" in puppies......... 

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