Schraderhaus K9~Our Policy on Deposits~

for Pups and Adult Dogs

As is standard throughout the dog industry,
Deposits for securing a pup or adult dog

This is to insure that both the purchaser as well as the seller are
protected on the sale of the pup / dog for which the deposit is being given.
Deposits are placed by you for securing your choice for a pup / dog
you wish to purchase from Schraderhaus K9 .
Regarding our puppies, your timely deposit
will secure the next available designated puppy pick
from our upcoming litter. 

Your deposit prevents this puppy from being sold to another purchaser.
If you are not positive about sending a deposit,
or your housing situation for bringing a pup into your home is uncertain at that time,
you may want to consider waiting until everything is right...

in the best interest of you and your new puppy.

Once pups are born from your chosen litter,  should you not be able
to take your designated pup and you have not contacted us ahead of the birth of the litter
to notify us of this fact, we will consider your deposit to be forgeited. 

In the event your chosen litter does not conceive pups, or there
are not enough pups to cover your deposit, you will NOT loose your deposit and
we will roll your deposit over to the next suitable litter for your pup.



Deposits secure a pup in the order they are received. 

After discussing our litters with us, to determine a suitable litter choice for you
 from which to reserve your puppy,  and  you send your deposit
via PayPal, your pup from such designated litter is secured for you immediately.

IFsending your deposit  by mail with money order of bank cashier check,

we request that it be sent to us via

Fed Ex. or Priority Next Day Postal Mail.

We then
tentatively reserve the pup for you
 for 24 hours:
allowing for holidays and weekends during this reservation period.


During this
24 hour period,
availability of said pup is removed from access to other buyers,
with the understanding that your deposit must be received
by our facility within this time allotment. 

We request a confirming tracking number at the time your deposit is sent.
So long as a tracking nuber confirms it has been sent, we will allow
a reasonable time for it to arrive to us.

If your deposit has NOT been confirmed as having been sent within this 24 hour time period
 the pup /pick position may be released for sale to other buyers.
This means that if another client sends a deposit from our website
via PayPal,
or via Priority Next Day mail, and their deposit is received / documented prior to
your deposit being sent / tracking # confirmed / received within the 24 hr reserved time frame,
they are ahead of you in pick # choice for a puppy from the designated litter.

It is for this reason that we offer the option for deposit
to be made via PayPal
from our website.
Our PayPal Link is accessible from our Home Page, top right
and at bottom of the Upcoming Litters and New Litter Postings pages.
whereby the deposit secures a pup for you immediately.

PayPal is a secure site. 


We are not connected with PayPal in any capacity except
as a means to facilitate our sales transactions.

If you do not currently have a PayPal account,
you may establish one via the
PayPal page from our website
or by accessing PayPal at

When purchasing a Schraderhaus Pup, our pups are sold with Limited Registration.
For Clients wishing to breed and title their pups, this is an option we will consider,
 but does have requirements that must be met
prior to releasing Full Registration status to the owners of our pups.

This is because we strive to place our dogs with Full Registraation status
into homes who will work the dog, or to sell to other well established breeders
who intend to utilize them in their breeding programs and have like breeding philosophy
to that of our own.
Therefore, we first reserve the #1 first pick males and females of each of our litters
solely for purchase by clients wanting
full registration.,

his allows the # 1 male and female pups to go to homes
intending to breed or trial / work the pups, contributing
toward our goal of improvement of the breed as a whole.

In the abseoce of that request we offer the #1 pup, male or female,
for purchase with Limited Registration status, but at a higher price.

For those clients who are looking for a potential breeding dog,
we sell for this purpose ONLY to well established GSD breeders
who hold like goals and philosophy as ours, regarding

 age and health certification of said breeding candidates, title being obtained,
and who will also uphold ourrequirements to their future buyers of pups,
for first obtaining hip and elbow certifications along

with title and age requirement of minimum 24+ months in order to upgrade their purchase
of these offspring to FULLregistration status, from Limited to Full,
as stated in our purchase contract.

Clients who intend to purchase the dog as a home companion dog or
personal home protection dog, often-times choose to have the dog neutered.
It is for this reason that if you are sending a deposit on an upcoming litter,
it is standard that a pup being sold to new owner with
limited registration would be
 placed in line for a puppy
behind picks #1... male and female
from a litter...
 even though there may be no other deposits yet received on that specific litter.

Our # 1 puppy pick, male and female, of our litters is, with few exceptions, earmarked for
 experienced, ESTABLISHED GSD owners/Breeders who intend to
work, train and title, and/ or plan to breed their dogs when they are fully grown.
This #1 pick male or female also carries a higher selling price.
This will be disclosed to you at the time you place your deposit
should the #1 position be available for your reservation.

Whenever possible, your inquiry as to
status on  # for puppy pick
will be disclosed to you at the time you choose to send your deposit. 

Those with deposits in place will move up in the pick order should someone ahead of you
 move from any given litter, provided the qualifications for #1 pups are met
 by prospective owners of said pups, should you become eligible for moving up. 
However, in no case will a #1 pup, male or female,
be sold with limited registration status at the lower price,
or to a first time owner or inexperienced GSD owner. 

Buyers with deposits in place may move up on reserved pups from their chosen litter
ONLY ...
when a person ahead of them moves from a particular litter,
provided the pup is not already reserved in the event someone moves from the litter. 
** NOTE: Full Registration DOES trump Limited Registration choices in the #1 pick order.

This detailed deposit policy is standard for our kennel,
unless denoted verbally and agreed to by us at the time
you are discussing your purchase, deposit and puppy choices...
whereby changes or exceptions to this policy must be notated
and specified on 1st page of purchase contract or on an addendum contract
and which must be noted and included as part of the sales contract for your pup purchase
 following receipt of your deposit.  

NOTE:  With few exceptions,
ALL Schraderhaus Pups will initially be issued with AKC 
LIMITED Registration status
even though you may be purchasing the pup with
FULL Registration.  
This is implemented to protect our pups from being bred prior to 2 years of age,
and to insure that our clients purchasing OUR pups
will meet our required guidelines for pup reaching 24 months of age, passing hip and elbow xrays
requiring the dog is first certified as a healthy specimen for breeding prior to breeding the dog,
and has obtained an approved working title, so as to insure that our dogs are fully mature
and are of breeding age / quality, if and when first bred.

For compliance of the titles, you can choose a title from our Title List page.
Once these above requirements have been met, you will be able to upgrade to Full Registration status
on those pups that have been purchased with full registration
at no additional puppy price to the buyer,
 except that of the AKC registration upgrade fee (currently $25.00)  for upgrade to Full Registration status..

 Q & A   Full Registration Upgrade  Requirements

 Deposit Rollovers...
Unless specified in writing at the time the deposit is taken,
all deposits which have been received for a pup from a
upcoming litter will be rolled over to another suitable litter,
in the unlikely event the litter is not conceived or
there are not enough pups produced from the anticipated litter.  
This insures our clients of an immediate reservation on a pup
from our next available litter.

Exception to the above deposit policy is made
only if a specific breeding for a particular pedigree combination,

(which has been specified at the time the deposit is given)
does not produce a litter or the requested # of pups from the designated breeding,
which was stipulated in writing as such in an separate addendum to the
original contract, wherein the specific terms of the deposit are described therein.

Rollover deposits are given first priority
immediately behind any deposits already received by us
for a pup from a specified upcoming litter, and are placed ahead
of any new deposits received for said litter. 

If you must move your deposit to a later litter, we must be notified
NOT LATER THAN 2 weeks following the whelp date
of the pup that your initial deposit was dedicated to.
Otherwise, deposits are considered forfeited.

It is understood by both buyer and seller that when pups are born to a litter
and meet the agreed upon criteria for buyer's litter choice for their new puppy,
it is expected that the pup will be purchased and fully paid for by you, the buyer,
according to our payment policies.

*** Payment for your puppy, plus shipping if applicable,
is due in full by 6 weeks
of age. ***

In the event of default by purchaser regarding the pup we have reserved and held for you,
deposit and all monies paid are forfeited by purchaser.

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