Lizzy von Schraderhaus 
Lizzy von Schraderhaus with her "FRIEND".
Family's Photo Courtesy of Nicole J.


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 We will be happy to discuss more
  about our older youngsters as they may come available.

Older Pups Available

" Mace von Schraderhaus "

Pure DDR~East German Pedigree

Male, Solid Black
DOB 06 /30 / 2017

Parents are:

DDR Hetja von Schraderhaus

V Gerry von Weltwitz, IPO3, FH2, A1

DM Clear thru Parentage
$1,800.00 with Limited Registration
Shipping Additional 

For Experienced Handler Only

@ 18 mos

Mace 18 mos 1

Mace 18 mos 2

Mace 7 wks
@ 7 wks

Congratulations to
Diana P. of Stanwood, WA
on her purchase of this little dynamo!

" Eydia von Schraderhaus "

Pure DDR~East German Pedigree

Female pup, BiColor /Black and Tan
DOB 07 /22 / 2017

Parents are:
SG Nikita von Schraderhaus , CGC, A1

V Gerry von Weltwitz, IPO3, FH2, A1

DM Clear thru Parentage
$2,200.00  with Limited Registration
Shipping Additional 


Eydia is SOLD



Tracker Ace x Jasmin Litter

Click Photo to view Litter
Charlie_5 mos
Charlie is SOLD
@ 5 months
Red COllar red sable male
Red Collar Red Sable Male

Charlie @ 16 weeks

Red Collar Red Sable Male

Charlie @ 16 weeks



Congratulations to Joseph G. and family
on their purchase of Dino.

" DINO aus dem Watcher von Schraderhaus "
Czech /DDR Bloodlines
 Click Here
for more info on
this super working pedigree

DOB May 27th, 2016

Solid Black

Sired by the Highly Titled Czech stud dog

Harro Stary Scaut
Hips 1/1, DM Clear
 Nai Tala von Schraderhaus
OFA Good /ED Normal
DM Clear
Tala is Full Litter Sis to
our SG Nikita von Schraderhaus
CGC, A1 / ED Normal

Suitable for a dedicated Working Home
Very well socialized
Raised in the house with children
Outgoing and friendly temperament

Dino aus dem Watcher vs 14.5 wks1

Solid Black Male Pup

"DINO aus dem Watcher von Schraderhaus"

Dino Is
to Working Home



Congratulations to Antonio F.,
North Canton, OH

" Blaz Vader von Schraderhaus "
Pure DDR Bloodlines
 DM Clear

DOB 09/01/2015

Solid Black

V Gerry von Weltwitz,
SCH3, FH2, KKL1 A1
SG Nikita von Schraderhaus
CGC, A1 / ED Normal

potty training well under way,
Very well socialized
Raised in the house
Outgoing and friendly temperament

B Vader 3 mos
Royal Blue Collar Black Male
"Blaz Vader"
@ 12 wks

Congratulations to
Donald and Lynne L,

Spanaway WA.

" Sansa von Schraderhaus "
 Pure DDR Bloodlines
 DM Clear

DOB 01/17/2015

Sansa will be training as
Donald's PTSD Dog

Grim von Schraderhaus

Etta von Schraderhaus

Solid Black

$2,500.00 Full registration
$2,000.00 Limited Registration.
**Shipping Additional if Required.

Sondra_13.5 wks


" Merica von Schraderhaus "
aka "Nikita"
DOB 10/30/2014

V Gerry von Weltwitz,

Denzi von Schraderhaus
Narcotics / Apprehension Trained

Congratulations to Dona M
of Anchorage AK.
Merica will be working in Dona's practice
as a Therapy dog for PTSD patients .


 Denzi Gerry M Litter blk fe Merica  Merica 5 mos1
Merica at 7 wks                        and  @ 4 months         

Merica 16 wks
Merica at 16 wks



Congratulations to
Nate B. and Family, UT.

" Riscay  von Schraderhaus "
(aka Rhea)
DOB August 15th, 2013
Solid Black Female
Aron vom Poppitz
Elfie vom Klodener Riss

Riscay aka Rhea 19 mos
Special price
 to the right home.

Shipping additional if required

to Elizabeth S., Monroe WA

" Nora von Schraderhaus "
Will be trained and utilized
 as Medical Alert Dog

DOB 11/ 02 /2014

Hena Norbo DL Purple collar female 5 wks
Purple collar Black female @ 7 wks

" Nora von Schraderhaus "
Hena Ben Ju x Norbo Den Lu "N" Litter




" Xar Luther von Schraderhaus "
Pure DDR Pedigree
DOB April 8th, 2012
Hips &  Elbows  OFA Certified

Solid Black Male
Strong temperament, suitable as
personal protection dog or for IPO sport
 for knowledgeable dog person
& experienced handler.

Ajax vom Brandsteig
Biehla von Schraderhaus

Luther 2 _300w



" Jericho von Schraderhaus "
Bara Hurican J Litter Blue collar male 7 wks
Black and Tan Male

Congratulations to
Evan and Drea R.
Woodinville, WA.

From our "J litter"
Bara z Ronbaru x Hurican von den Wolfen

DOB 08/02/14

Priced at $2.200.00


Dark Sable Male

to John S. and family,
Belfair WA.
Ingka x Dino male 9 mos


Neutered Male

Dino vom Schaferliesel
Ingka von Schraderhaus

Substantial pup with big bone.
Suitable for knowledgeable dog person
in a "one dog" household.


Congratulations to Lisa R and Family
 of  Enumclaw, WA
on their purchase of

" Gestapo von Schraderhaus "
DOB June 20, 2014
Dark Sable Male
Lord von den Grauen von Monstab

Pascha von Schraderhaus

Beautiful substantial pup with big bone
and stunning, large head like his parents. 

Gestapo @ 11 wks
Gestapo 11 wks 2
Click on photo
to view litter pics
and parents
Priced at $1500.00 /Limited Registration



" Cura von Schraderhaus "
1.5 yrs of age

DOB 10/01/2012
Eina x Ivo Litter

50% DDR / 50% Czech
DM Clear

Excellent working prospect IN HERDING !
Also could excell in Agility & K9 Nosework.
Will be an excellent home protection dog for family,
Or Single owner who lives alone.

Cuvara stack_300w 2.5 yrs old Cuvara sitz 2.5 yrs 200w 
" Cura " at 2.5 yrs of age

Cuva 4.5 mos 4Cuvara 4.5 mos 2
 " Cuvára " @ 4.5  months

 " Cuvára " @ 4 months (Below)

Cuvara 4 months 1   Cuvara 4 months 2

Cuvara 4 months 3

Cuvara 4 months 6

Cuvara 4 months 4  Cuvara 4 months 5
" Cura "  @ 4 months

Earlier Pics of  " Cura "
Eina ivo Blk Sable Fe Red collar 6 wks
 " Cura " @ 6 wks

Cuvara 10.5 wks

" Cura " @ 10.5 wks
Cuvara 10.5 wks 2
" Cura " @ 10.5 wks

Cuvara @ 13.5 wks

Cuvara 13.5 wks 2

Cuvara 13.5 wks 3
Cuvara @ 13.5 wks
Cuvara 13.5 wks 4


Sired by our DDR Stud dog,
V Rated SCH 3 " Ivo von Hauental "
Cuvara  is out of our Czech/ Slovak female,
Eina von Schraderhaus

Cuvara is recommended for a knowledgeable working dog person.
She has an excellent temperament, and is nicely motivated to work.
She has demonstrated exctrordinary natural ability and intererst in herding
and in just 4 weeks time has
gone to herding trial and earned her PT Title.
Judges were highly complimentary as to her natural instincts and
potential to go to high levels in herding venue., stating
she has great potential to be one excellent herding dog! 

She is an agile athletetic dog and would also do well
n agility or competition obedience.

Cuvara is Fully housebroken, crate trained, and will make an excellent
Home Protection dog for a single person or family.
She is Up to date
on ALL  vaccinations and wormings.



" Gerlinda von Schraderhaus "

Gerlinda 4 mos 2

Gerlinda 4 mos 3
Gerlinda 4 mos1
  Gerlinda @ 4 MOS
Gerlinda 3.5 mos_toy Gerlinda 3.5 mos sitz Gerlinda 3.5 mos side
  Gërlinda @ 3.5 mos
Dan L and Family, Yakima WA

Hera Lord pink collar female 9.5wks
Gerlinda @ 9.5 wks
DOB 01/20/2013
Lord x Hera Litter
Pure DDR East German Pedigree
DM Clear
Good Energy in this pup, she would make an excellent prospect
 for Agility or Flyball, as well as home companion and protection dog for the family.
. Showing very good focus in beginning obedience work
 and has an excellent natural ability for scent work for SAR or K9 Nosework.
"Will work for food" is her motto,
Her response to beginning obedience commands
is quick and effortless.
She will be a fun dog to work in obedience
or in a variety of other sports. 


Congratulations to
Rosemary E
in Colorado

" Denali von Schraderhaus "
DOB 11/22/2012
DOB 11/22/2012
Elfie x Aron Litter
Pure DDR Pedigree
DM Clear

Purple collar
blk Long Coat female
" Denali "
@ 10.5 wks
"  Black Teddy Bear! "
Denali at 10.5 wks

Denali at 10.5 wks
Purple collar
blk female
" Denali "
@ 10.5 wks

Elfir Aron Blk Female 6 wks
Purple collar
blk female
" Denali "
@ 6 wks
Sired by DDR Stud dog,

V Rated SCH 3 " Aron vom Poppitz"
Denali is out of our Pure DDR female,
Elfie vom Klodener Riss, SCH3, KKL1

" Denali von Schraderhaus " is a gorgeous solid black longcoat female. 
We had intended to retain this beautiful girl in our breeding program
However, since we confirmed through DNA that she is a longcoat and
because we do not breed for coated dogs,
 we are offering Denali for sale.
She is wonderfully people oriented, and will make an excellent home protection dog
suitable for use in family setting due to her fabulous temperament.

She has an excellent outgoing nature and is nicely motivated to work,
and is a good prospect for SAR, tracking work of all kinds,
herding, rally,
as well as home and family protection.
She would make an excellent foundation breeding female
for those wanting to improve on DDR working ability
 in the coated gene pool. 
Denali is PURE DDR, and is DM CLEAR.

 Priced at
$2,000.00 Full Registration /
or $1600.00 Limited Registration (Not for Breeding)

Up to date on ALL puppy vaccinations and wormings.
If you have interest in purchasing this pup
Contact jean @



BiColor male pup
   Tobienne x ivo Red Collar BiCOlor male 8 wks
" Bogart " is SOLD
Male pup, Born  September 7th, 2012. 
He is 8 weeks of age in this photo.

Grandson of our SCH3 DDR Male,
Lux vom Kameruner Eck

to Christina W , Seabeck WA.

" Yaskia von Schraderhaus "
DOB May 1st, 2012

Yaskia stand 4.5 mos

Yaskia @ 4.5 months

  Pure 100% DDR
Young Female
DM Clear
Beautiful Black Sable

Sired by our DDR Stud,
 "V" Ivo von Hauental 
out of our East German Import female,
SG Xenna vom ParchimerLand



Yaskia 10.5 wks

 @ 10.5 wks

Started in beginning Obedience for sit, down, stay.
Walks well on leash, crate training in process.
Socialized in house, imprinted on stairs and in car.
Good socialization with children.
Yaskia has had all vaccinations including Rabies and Bordetella
and is current on wormings.

Yaskia is also microchipped.
Shipping additional
outside our local area.


WA. State Police Department
Working PDK9

" Sergeant Major von Schraderhaus "
aka "Sarge"
Dark Sable male pup  

 Pure DDR /East German Pedigree
DM Clear

Sired by our DDR Stud,
 "V" Lux vom Kameruner Eck
out of our East German female,
Ittiana von Schraderhaus HIC

Sarge 5.5 mos 
@ 5.5 mos
Sarge 5.5 mos

Sarge_dk green collar 2.5 mos
@ 2.5 mos

DOB October 27th, 2011

Litter Pedigree for Sergeant

This young substantial male is suitable as
 an excellent SAR prospect, for use in narcotics scent work,
 protection dog for family and as a pet/ companion dog.
His temperament is very open and friendly, and he is extremely
 intelligent and loyal, with good prey and ball drives.  

This young male, being a Lux pup, has an incredible nose for tracking work.



" WolfGang von Schraderhaus "
Congratulations to Patti S
in Oregon

Pure DDR Young Adult Male
DM Clear

Black Sable, Young Adult Male   

Sired by our DDR Stud,
 "V" Lux vom Kameruner Eck,  
out of our East German Import female,
SG Xenna vom ParchimerLand


Wolfgang Stack 29 mos 400w

WolfGang 2 years of age
Wolfgang Head 330w

This young substantial male is suitable as
 an excellent SAR prospect, or for use in narcotics scent work,
sheep herding dog, service work and  as a protection dog for family.
His litter brother is a working SAR Dog in Oregon. 
His temperament is superb, and he would serve well as a good pet/ companion dog.
His temperament is very open and friendly, and he has been raised with children
and lived both inside the home as well as outside.
Wolfgang has had 5-6 private lessons in Personal Protection work
and possesses good protection/defensive skills.
  He has good prey and ball drives.  

plus shipping additional if required

" WolfGang von Schraderhaus "
Congratulations to Patti S
in Oregon




" Minka "  
@ 12 wks

Pascha von Schraderhaus
 Xac Kaiser von Schraderhaus
Congratulations to
Cynthia C.
Neah Bay, WA

Minka 12 wks 1

" Minka "  
@ 12 wks

Minka 12 wks 3

Minka 12 wks 5

Minka sitz 12 wks

" Minka "
Above @ 12 wks

Minka 4 mos 1

Minka 4 mos 2

Minka 4 mos 3

" Minka "  
@ 4 mos

 "Nadia"  Orange collar
Black sable female
Pure DDR Pedigree
From our
Elfie x Lord litter
Born April 11th, 2011

Congratulations to
Christy H in TN!!

Elfi Lord blk sable female blk collar 7 wks
"NADIA"...Black Sable Female @ 7 wks

Nadia with toy 1
Nadia @ 11 weeks

Nadia with toy 2

Nadia tug work 1_550w
Nadia tog work 2_550w

Nadia 13 wks 1
Nadia @ 13 wks

Nadia 13 wks 2

Nadia 14.5 wks 1

Nadia @ 14.5 wks
Nadia 14.5 wks 2

Katja aka "Ku Zophie" (Below) is SOLD
Helga Lobo pink collar bicolor female 10.5 wks
Pink collar Bicolor female @ 10 wks

" Ku Zophie "
Helga x Lobo litter

SOLD_Stacy P. Renton
Helga Lobo pink collar female 12 weeks 330w
Ku Zophie @ 12 wks
Very nice quality, outgoing female with very good drives for the rag, showing excellent scent ability and hunt drive.
Suitable for Schutzhund and would make an excellent SAR prospect, as well as a trustworthy and intelligent dog for within a family and for home protection
 SOLD_Stacy P. Renton

Katja plays_16 wks

Katja sitz_330w

Pink collar Bicolor female @ 16 wks
" Ku Zophie "
SOLD_Stacy P. Renton
Katja side_16 wks
Pink collar female @ 16 wks
Ku Zophie
SOLD_Stacy P. Renton

Call or email for prices 
on the older female pups available...
Contact Jean

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From our Yumi x Lord litter
Born Sept 27th, 2010

** SOLD **
DDR East German / West Working Pedigree
Congrats to Jeremy S. of Alaska

Black Sable Female
 " DOBRYNIA " aka Rinni
Hot pink collar
This is a very Nice drivey female, inquisitive,
with an unflappable temperament,. 
Willing to work at anything you ask, 
She is extremely smart and quickly
understands and figures out most anything put to her.
With a very nice head type, compact body structure and substantial bone, she is super quick and agile,
with an accurate, discerning nose that she uses
 until she finds the item
 she is searching for. 
She's an excellent female for schutzhund sport,
competition obedience, agility work,
and home/ personal protection.
A very nice dog for use in a solid,
working breeding program for improving drive,
courage and substance of progeny.

  Video of Denzi
 and Dobrynia at 7 weeks...
Yumi Lord pink collar blk sable female
Rinni @12 weeks of age
Dobrynia aka Rinni 6.75 mos 400w1
Dobrynia aka RINNI @ 6.75 mos
Dobrynia 6.75 mos 400w2
Dobrynia aka RINNI @ 6.75 mos
Dobrynia aka Rinni 6.75 mos 400w3
Dobrynia aka RINNI @ 6.75 mos
Dobrynia aka Rinni 6.75 mos 400w4
Dobrynia aka RINNI @ 6.75 mos
Dobrynia aka Rinni 7 mos 600w
Rinni 7 mos ( starting to shed her puppy coat )
Dobrynia aka Rinni 7 mos 596w
Rinni 7 mos ( starting to shed her puppy coat )
Dobrynia aka Rinni 7 mos 600w
Rinni with her toy 7 mos
Yumi Lord red collar blk sable female

Denzi 265w_Litters

Denzi is being utilized in
our Schraderhaus
Breeding Program

Black sable Female_
" DENZI " _Red collar
Super Nice, large bodied Black sable female, very serious
and intense in nature, outgoing, with unflappable courage. 
Gorgeous head type, very nice heavy bone
with dark pigment coloration of coat.
A Dominant female, but not aggressive to other animals.
Lots of drive in this female...she
doesn't give up.!
Super good nose, good food and hunt drive, she is easily trainable and very quick to learn the task. 
 This female will make very good high level schutzhund
competition dog or working police dog.
Highly intelligent, inquisitive with a
super strong, solid temperament.

Denzi is Narcotics and Apprehension trained.

A super nice  foundation female to be used in our working breeding program, Denzi will be used to improve courage, drive intensity, substance of structure, dark pigmentation of coats
and lovely head type in her pups.

Watch  Video of Denzi
 at 7 weeks...

Owned by
Schraderhaus K9



Contact Jean

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 Foster home

No Foster Females are Available at this time.

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to become a qualifying

Foster Home.

You must be  located
within 75 miles +/-
of our Facility

If you believe you qualify for our
Foster Program, please Email me
with your home environment details

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