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We'vecompiled many great informational articles here for you,
in an effort to educate
GSD Lover about the
German Shepherd Dog.
Below you will find articles
providing information of all types
German Shepherd Dogs
 and their history...

You will find very helpful articles for first time puppy owners,
as well as training of GSD's.
 Additionally, If you are interested in titling your dog
you will find useful information on these pages about
the required criteria for doing so.

Every effort has been made to insure the correctness
of the information these pages contain...
Unfortunately I cannot guarantee these articles to be free
 of informational errors...
In an effort to educate the GSD Enthusiast,
they are compiled only FYI .

As such, do not hold me responsible for information
which you may find to be incorrect.
In the event you do find an error,
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  Important Health Warnings

   for your pets...

ANTIFREEZE. Antifreeze smells and tastes sweet, and cats and dogs love it.
The problem is, plain and simple, it's
A small quantity can kill your best friend.
Also, beware of transparent Christmas tree ornaments that have clear fluid in them.
 These may contain similar ingredients to antifreeze, and could pose a
serious health risk to your dog, even DEATH...  if they ingest this liquid.

  ...    And I'm not talking about your waistline. 
 Chocolate, ingested even in small quantities can kill a dog.
Animal Owners should also

*** Beware of yard mulch made from Cocoa Bean hulls
. This is HIGHLY TOXIC to dogs if eaten,
and usually results in kidney failure and death when ingested. .

*** Raisins and Grapes can be toxic to your dog...

read more here  

 Lawn Pesticides .   Use EXTREME CAUTION when using chemicals for
 lawn pesticides and garden sprays . Remember that your pet walks on your lawn,
and will routinely lick it's paws... ingesting some of these chemicals. 
Use only what you believe would be safe for your animals..
Keep pets off the lawn after using fertilizers or weed killers, until after a thorough watering
has been done to cut down on their exposure to these chemicals.
Exposure can result in Immune Disorders, Allergies and other serious health risks for your pets.

Small Rodent Poisons..Regarding Rodent Kills, remember that these vermin often don't
immediately die when the poison is eaten. They can crawl to another location and then die.
 If your dog finds and eats a mouse or rat that has eaten a poison, such as "D'con"..
your animal can become very sick and even DIE if he eats this rodent.
 If you have animals that may find/eat a dead rodent, traps may be a better alternative
 to catch these vermin, and to insure safety of your pet...
Remember that neighbors can also be using these poisons,
so be very mindful of any dead critters that you may find,
  and discard them properly into the trash immediately.

*** Signs of Poison ingestion are
Hemorrhage from ears, eyes, nose, and most often
result in kidney failure and death 

*** National Animal Poison Control - 1-888-426-4435 

*** Heat Injury in Working Dogs: Practical Emergency Treatment...
ead more here


Enjoy the Following

  Informational Links

  Training Information

** Schraderhaus K9  

Requirement List of Working Titles

 Q & A ~ Full Registration Upgrade  Requirements

The German Shepherd Dog
is a

Training for the HGH Herding Title

Herding Dogs and GSDCA

Requirements for Breed Survey
for Titled Herding Dogs

The German Shepherd Herding Dog

The Large Flock Herding Dog – Puppy Selection & Foundation Building 

Links to Local, National and International Herding Clubs

All Breed Herding Club of Western Washington

American Herding Breeds Association


 *   Leerburg Video on Training the
Puppy Touch Pad    

 *   What is AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Program

~ Schutzhund ~

 *   What is Schutzhund ?    

*   What is Schutzhund USA?

 *   What is RINGSPORT?


 Ultimate Dog Sport

*   What is DVG America?

*   What is an AD Title?

*   What is a BH Title?

   What are the BH Exercise Requirements

   What are the meanings of those titles 

 *   Trial Rules  for Schutzhund
(In pdf format, from DVG America; downloadable for your personal use)

  *   Trial Rules  for Herding
The GSD is a HERDING breed, so here is what you need to know
 to obtain your dog's herding title.
(In pdf format, from WDA Website; downloadable for your personal use) 

*  German Shepherd Dog  Standard  from Schutzhund USA:

  The Illustrated Standard of the German Shepherd
... an Excellent and descriptive article...

*   German Training Commands 

    *   German Pedigree
/ Körung / Hip Translations 

*   German & American Title and Pedigree Translations 

 *   The First GSD and originator of our current dogs today
   Originator of the GSD Breed, Captain Max von Stephanitz

   *   Pohranični stráze Kennel  History 
*  Photogalery of Great DDR and Czech dogs of old.

*   What does DDR Mean? 
(deutsche demokratische republik, ddr)

*  DDR  Breed Survey System 

*  German Terms and Translations

*  German
Training Commands and translations

* Czech  Training Command /meanings

*   Czech/Slovak Title translations  and  Pedigree Translations  

*   ZVV1-ZVV3  Title System  

*    Slovak Breed Survey System

 *   Slovak  Training Commands

*   SVV 1 - SVV 3   Requirements for Titling

Training for Agility

*  The Newcomer: Introducing a new puppy
"Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting times
 in every dog lover's life.

From Leerburg:
preventing dog bites in kids
Q&A on Kids & Dog Aggression

*  Emergency First Aid for your Dog            

  AKC Pet Healthcare Plan
for your Dog

  How Cats and Dogs Live Together

    *  Housetraining your dog: Help with housetraining

    *  CrateTraining your dog:  Help with housetraining

*  The first six months: Puppies are never too young to learn 
Crucial for all first time dog owners!)

 *  Puppy training techniques:
Teaching your puppy his proper place in his human family

Obedience Training Your Dog        

  *  Dealing with common problems in puppy’s first year
How can such a cute puppy be so bad?

    *  Teaching a Puppy The
Fundamentals of Obedience
Click HERE.

*   Anatomy and Dentition of the Canine

Hip Dysplasia and Xray Protocol

  *  Correct Xray position for Hip and Elbow Xrays is crucial
for obtaining your dog's most favorable ratings possible.

Interactive Canine Elbow Film Sample

Interactive  Hip Xray Films_Samples

Schraderhaus Hip Xrays_Sample Films

FAQ's Re: Upgrade Requirements_Full Registration

Hips for HD Video_ 

** All Schraderhaus Puppy Owners
should  watch this video PRIOR to having your pups xrayed
for Hip Ratings submitted to OFA / SV in Germany. 

The importance of Precise Positioning for OFA Radiographs

Learn the importance of Precise Positioning
for OFA radiographs.

I can't stress the importance of this ENOUGH !

What Vets consider    when rating hips and elbows

Here is another very good HD article on
 the Importance of good Hip Positioning from

 *  Case Studies
 by Dr. Lonnie Davis, DVM and founder of Troy Animal Hospital
recording upgraded Hip rating results
 based on correct positioning

 *  OFA Radiographic Procedures

 *  Scoring and Comparisons of Radiograph Ratings for Hip Dysplasia/a>
From The Big 3 Organizations of the World

Elbow Surgery

*  Read Information about
     Canine Hip Dysplasia from 

Working Dog Logo

*   HD Zuchtwert  Breed Value Assessment for CHD (Canine Hip Dysplasia)

*   HD and Vitamin C  The " Miracle Cure "  for CHD? 

 *   HD and Vitamin C  A Practitioner's Perspective 

*   HD and Diet How important is diet in relation to CHD? 

*   HD and Diet  Help and Prevention for HD   

*   HD and NUTRITION  AND IT'S ROLE in Skeletal Diseases of the Growing Dog

*   HD and Neutering  How sex hormones play a role in bone development 

 * AKC Study / Results of
Health Implications of Spay and Neuter

* Rethinking Protocol for Spay/Neuter New Health Information Re: Spay and Neuter Facts

    * Pros and Cons of Neutering    Long term health effects of spaying / neutering your dog
    *    Degenerative Myelopathy  Testing for DM & Interpreting the Results

* OCD and Diet How important is diet in relation to OCD, HOD and Panosteitis? 

* HOD and Diet  
What is HOD and how important is diet in relation to HOD? 

* Examples of HOD  
in large breed dogs

* REALLY>>> How important is Diet for our Large Breed Puppies??
Excerpts from
The Great Dane lady  for feeding protocol

* Kibbles Recommended to be used for our Schraderhaus Pups

What is HOD?

Floors NOT to keep your puppy on when it is growing

Diet, Health, and Other Info

Schraderhaus K9 Puppy Diet

Schraderhaus Feeding Informational Sheet*  

Degenerative Myelopathy
 Testing for DM & Interpreting the Results

*   DO NOT Mix Dog Food Brands

*  Vaccination Protocol  for  Puppies and Adults

 *   How COULD YOU ?  What Your Dog Wants you to know about Animal Shelters

  To Neuter or not to Neuter your pet

 *   DO's and DON'T's for New Schraderhaus Puppies

   *   Pohranicni Straze Kennel History 

*  Photogalery of Great DDR and Czech dogs of old. 

 *  AKC Limited Registration vs. Full Registration...what is the difference??  

    *  Currency Conversion Chart 

*  Weight Conversion Chart 

 12,000 names for German Dogs Sirius Dog Site  

 15,000 names for German Dogs by

   *   Czech Names List_Alphabetical 

   *   Czech Names and their meanings

  *   German Names and their meanings 

 *  Specific Conditions & Diseases (a link to Dog Infomat)

(American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)   

National Animal Poison Control - 1-888-426-4435 

    *   Poisons...Raisins and Grapes can be TOXIC to your pet 

 Science Diet has recently acquired
a patent to use 
polyethylene in their kibble  

 Pet Foods Recalled, March 2007  *

**  More Foods Added   ** 

   **  What to do if your pet becomes ill  ** 

  FDA Site for Pet Food Recall  ** 

    **  Class Action Lawsuit Filed against Pet Food Companies **  

*    Loosing a Beloved Companion:
(The choices we have to make on behalf of our beloved family companion)

*   Merck Veterinary Manual Online

*   How to Dremel Dog Toenails    (alternative to nail clippers)

*   How To handle Dog Barking;  Is your dog a loud mouth?  This article from Perfect Paws
will help you understand why, and put you on the right track to
solve the problem.
Stop your neighbors from hating you!

     Related Reading:
Training         Barking Dog letter            Whining Puppy 
Training Tips for Puppies                 Crate Training          Whining
Separation Anxiety 

*  Pet Foods Recalled, March 2007 


*   HD and Vitamin C Miracle Cure for CHD?

*   HD and Diet How important is this in relation to CHD? 

  *   HD and Diet  Help and Prevention for HD 

Schraderhaus K9  Puppy Diet  

Is a raw diet safe? Article by Wysong

 Compare your Dry Kibbles...How does yours Rate?

FDA: Center for Veterinary Medicine

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