The Benefits of Raw diet...

Please note that there are many good diets that can be beneficial to the canine.
We wholeheartedly approve of a 100% raw diet and also our modified raw diet, which is feed to our own dogs here at Schraderhaus K9.

Following is a diet description of our modified raw diet which we feed here in our kennel. This diet has yielded excellent results, having provided a wealth of benefits to our dogs in the way of strengthened immune systems, increased stamina, beautiful white teeth which are free of tartar; the leading cause of bad breath and gum disease in canines.  Our dogs' skin is healthy and they produce beautiful, glossy and full coats.

These benefits are clearly demonstrated in the vigor and health of our puppies, our young adolescents as well as our adults.


For your new puppy's diet, you can change him over fairly readily to the 100% raw diet, if you so choose, almost immediately upon bringing him home to you. However, the key to a successful diet change is to do so very gradually. It is also important to remember that a Raw diet does not mean only raw meat.  This would not be a balanced diet for your dog.  You must include other ingredients, such as vegetables, and fruits, and some milk products on occasion, such as yogurt. 

link on OCD as it relates to feeding large breed, fast growing canines.
**The younger the puppy, the longer it should take to make the changes due to their delicate and immature digestive systems.  
 ** See our
"Informational Link on Diarrhea" in puppies.


Our dogs have had no occurrence of ear infections, tooth or gum decay or other health related issues, and exhibit excellent body  condition since we began feeding our modified raw diet plan. ~This diet has provided us excellent health insurance
for our beloved canine companions.


Carnivores also need to eat many other foods, as did their ancestors in the wild, the wolves and wild dogs of old.  This included many things besides meat,  borne out of necessity during times when hunting was very scarce.  Their diet consisted of a variety of things such as pine needles, dirt, other animal droppings, grass, berries, root tubers, and of course left over kills from other animals.  These meals also consisted of the dead animal's stomach contents (tripe) which, along with the diets which were ingested by the animal it was about to make a meal of, also provided a variety of vitamins, enzymes and minerals that were essential to their growth and health in the wild. 

Here at Schraderhaus K9 your puppy has been on a
modified raw diet, We strive to add much of the items into their diet that were available to the canine many years ago, and on which they survived for many centuries.  Your new puppy has been doing extremely well on our modified raw diet plan, which is detailed on the following pages...

~~You might be surprised to learn that, contrary to what you may believe, a 100% raw meat diet alone is not a balanced diet for your canine; even though they are carnivores!~

Now, for the diet

  ** See our "Informational Link on Diarrhea"  in puppies

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