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Schraderhaus K9
Quality Working German Shepherd Dogs
Roy, WA. (United States)

+1.253.843.1123  PST

Schraderhaus K9 Dog Prices

The cost of dogs will differ, based on each dog's type, bloodline /pedigree, level of training the dog has achieved, titles earned, and the individual dog's ability to perform the work.  Because all dogs are different, we do not have pre-established fixed prices, nor posted prices for each available dog. 

To Send Payment

For payment Schraderhaus K9 offers payment option of  PayPal  from our website.  Here you will provide us with the recipient/client name, amount of money and details of your location. PayPal link from our site provides a secure link to the recipient/client for purpose of securing payment for dog. The request for a deposit is in the amount of 20% of dog price is required in a Non refundable 48 hours holding deposit. This is a World Standard Procedure. This enables us to open the purchase activities which are necessary to have with the breeder or owner for the chosen dog.  After the 48 hours, full payment must be received ( additional shipping charges will be added to the price of the dog, once the shipping destination is determined- based on location of the client.  You will be notified within this 48 hour period of the total balance due for your dog at that time. ). After full payments is received the dog will be made ready for shipment. All details about the shipping is confirmed to our client by email.   In the event the dog is sold before we are able to secure the dog with your deposit, your deposit will be rolled over to the next available dog we are able to locate for you which meets your criteria

Office Work & Expenses   (Additional cost)

Schraderhaus K9 must cover office and related search expenses when asked by client to search for a special dog. For office work/handling to begin search for your dog, a  fee of $50.00 USD is required to initiate our services to begin your dog search. There is oftentimes a great deal of time invested by us in order to find the right dog for your required field of work;  this fee insures you are serious about your intent. You are under no obligation to purchase a dog if we are unable to  locate a dog which meets your particular working needs.

Shipping (S&H)   (Additional cost)

All Shipping Charges must be paid before shipping and are added to the dog price for final payment. This cost includes transport to the departure Airport, a crate, (Kennel) for the dog and all necessarily shipping documentation inclusive of Vet Health certificate/European Passport.

 TRAINING AND TITLING :  (Additional cost)

Training and passing examination for base title: (ZVV1 - SVV1 - IPO1 - SCHh1)
When a dog is available for purchase and at the time it is listed for sale has not yet received it's working titles, the additional cost for training and passing the above stated titles is not included in the dog's price if the dog is to be trained after the purchase. 



Quality Working-Line German Shepherd Dogs   Give us a call at +1.253.843.1123 PST

Schraderhaus K9
Quality Working German Shepherd Dogs
Roy, WA. (United States)

+1.253.843.1123  PST



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