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Gerry von Weltwitz 330w
Yeltsa_Litters 330w
V Gerry von Weltwitz
IPO3, FH2, KKL1, Hips A1 /ED Normal, DM Clear
  Yeltsa von Schraderhaus
 Hips SV A2 / ED Normal, DM Clear

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Yelltsa and Gerry's " L " Litter

itter is DM Clear 

Litter Born
 September 11th, 2014 

2 Males / 6 Females Born

Litter Pedigree for Yeltsa x Gerry

  Currently Available 0 Male  /  0  Female  ! 

  From the sire line:  Gerry's Sire, Uncas vom Poppitz,  has consistently been a top producer in Germany for a combination of outstanding working ability and strong temperament.  In addition to the excellent bloodlines Gerry inherits from his sire line, he inherits the incredible and well known protection and tracking abilities from the great DDR sire, Lord vom Gleisdreieck.  Gerry 's scores were 96's- 99's in his tracking work, and he is pronounced in Protection. A very nice dog to be around, he is warm and fun loving, always ready and willing to do whatever you ask of him.  We've long admired the bloodlines of Lord vom Gleisdreieck, observing the strong tracking and protection qualities that he imparts to his progeny. **DDR Lines to SCHH2 SG Condor vom Haus Christian, SCHH3 IPO3 SG Condor von den Tonteichen, SCHH3 ( SG-LGA ) V Brando von der Marderklause, SCHH3 (BSP/LGA/DDR-MS V1 1990) IP3 SG Irko vom Peri-Hof, SCHH3, FH Greif vom Peri-Hof,  SCHH3, IP3 SG Nestor von den Gnitzer Höhen, SCHH3, FH1 V Zorro vom Laager Wall, SCHH3 SG Lissy vom Haus Iris, SCHH3 SG Gabi von der alten Wassermühle, SCHH3, PSH1 V Alf vom Körnersee, and SCHH3 V Sven vom Gräfental.
 From the mother line,Yeltsa's excellent producing sire Lux vom Kameruner Eck. is V Rated, Sch3, KKL1 for Life.  Imported from Germany, Lux's pedigree is an excellent working lineage of Pure DDR/ East German bloodlines.  Lux is an extreme quality male with very good work ethic demonstrating super bitework, super retrieve, and confidence on slick floors.  Lux's temperament is open and completely trustworthy when meeting new people,  and he is an attentive dog to the handler. 
He is, at all times, agreeable, ready and willing to work.
's Grandsire,
Tino vom Felsenschloß was a highly sought after sire in Germany, siring excellent working progeny. Lux is a grandson of Lord vom Gleisdreieck, well known for imparting excellent working drives into his offspring,  particularly for tracking and protection work.  DDR Lines to Jeff vom Flamings-Sand, Blacky vom Gleisdreieck, and Ingo von Rudingen.

Yeltsa's dam is our beloved Elba z Esagilu   granddaughter of the excellent producer and well known Border Patrol Stud dog Xero z Pohraniční straze. Xero is the most famous producing son of his well known highly sought after father, Grim z Pohraniční straze..Grim is well known for producing compact, substantial dogs with large head type, high defense and civil temperaments. Yeltsa's grandmother is  Figa Cega, a super producing female having several excellent working litters to her credit.

 Yeltsa x Gerry's "L"  litter ...


Yeltsa Gerry L Litter Royal collar male 7.5 wks 
Royal Blue collar black sable male "Lukas" @ 7.5 wks
SOLD_Ron H, Covington WA
Yeltsa Gerry L LItter NO Collar male 7.5 wks
NO Collar Black Sable male " L' Jager " @ 7.5 wks
SOLD_Mya I, Olympia, WA.


Yeltsa Gerry L LItter Blk collar female 7.5 wks
Black Collar Female 7.5 wks 
" Luna "
SOLD_Signe F and Family, Cordova, AK.

Yeltsa Gerry L LItter turquoise collar 7.5 wks
Turquoise collar  female " Lakota " @ 7.5 wks
SOLD_Jordan S_Kenmore, WA. 

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter Purple collar Female 7.5 wks
Purple Collar  Female  " Lore " @ 7.5 wks 
SOLD_Yun L., Bothel, WA
Yeltsa Gerry L Litter Pink collar 7.5 wks
Pink Collar Female  " LiLo " aka Lyla @ 7.5 wks 
SOLD_Brett C

Yeltsa Gerry L LItter Orange collar FE 7.5 wks
Orange Collar  female 7.5 wks
" LuElla "
SOLD_Mike K, West, TX

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter Red Collar Female 7.5 wks
Red Collar Female 7.5 wks 
" Lesya "
Emily Mc. Olympia, WA

5 wks old
Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 5 wks 1

Yeltsa Gerry L LItter 5 wks 2

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 5 wks 3

5 weeks old

Yeltsa Gerry L LItter 3 wks 2

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 3 wks 1
3 weeks old

Yeltsa Gerry L LItter 19 days
19 Days Old

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 13 days
13 days old

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 12 days
12 Days Old

Yeltsa Gerry Litter 2 wks
2 weeks old

Yeltsa Gerry Litter 13 days old
13 days old

Yeltsa Gerry Litter 12 days old
12 days old

Yeltsa x Gerry L Litter

6 days old
Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 6 days 1

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 6 days 2

6 days old

3 days old
Yeltsa Gerry L Litter 3 days old
3 days old


Yeltsa Gerry L LitterNewborns

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter Newborns 3

Yeltsa Gerry L Litter Newborns_500w

Yeltsa x Gerry Litter

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