Nora z Jirkova Dvora 
ZVV1, Velmi Dobrư, 1st Select Breeding Class
Hips 0/0 Elbows

NORA z Jirkova dvora ,
born November 21.1998, DKK O/O hips, ZVV1, velmi dobra VD, 1st breeding class, selective breed,
5 C V 1/P.

 Nora is a very elegant female, big and strong, the withers height is 62 cm, weight 33 kg. Her prey and defense drives are properly developed and Nora is very hard to her handler. In the training she has the best results in tracking and defense. She has a full and hard biting. As far as Nora's character is concerned she is the typical representative of her father GERO z Blatenskeho zamku.


Nora z Jirkova dvora    
Nora z Jirkova dvora
Titled: ZVV1
Show: velmi dobry
Breed Survey: 1st class 5CV1/P [Reference table]
Elbows, hips: 0/0, DNA
                     Nora's Pedigree






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