Training at Schraderhaus K9 _RULES of the Field

* "Rules of the Field"
                     for ALL people observing and/or participating in training:

*  Positive Training Atmosphere

* We foster and promote a training environment of motivation and encouragement for dogs and handlers alike.

 * As a courtesy to those who are on the field with their dog, please refrain from comments or questions you may have for the trainers until each training session has been completed, so as not to break focus or momentum of the dog/handler's training.

 * You are welcome and encouraged to watch and learn while others in your group(s) are on the field training. Please do not talk or be disruptive during their training session.  

 * While waiting your turn to work your dog, feel free to bring a chair to sit along the fence-line, outside the training field, to watch and learn during other members' training sessions.

 * A Sani-Can is available for your convenience during training days.

 *  Potty area for your dogs

 * Please use the area next to the road to relieve your dogs.  A scooper and bucket will be provided at roadside, which you may use to clean up after your dogs.  Do not allow your dog to eliminate on the field or other areas of the property if possible.  Should they do so please pick up after your dog.

 * Please limit your area of personal access to the training fields, driveway and parking areas.

 *  Kennel areas of Schraderhaus Dogs are considered off limits to outside dogs and their owners.  This is important so as to prevent exposure to our breeding animals and puppies  from any outside illnesses which could be brought onto their housing/exercise areas.

 * General:

We expect everyone to show respect for each other and for those who have chosen to participate and train here with their dogs. Negativity is unproductive and will not be tolerated. 



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