"SG" Norbo Den-Lu von Schraderhaus 

Slovak/Czech Border Patrol / Old DDR Bloodlines

ZVV1,  IPO1,
1st Select Breeding Class
Hips A1 /ED Normal

   ZVV1   96 - 90 - 91   
 IPO1   95 - 93 - 89
Trained and Titled by Stanislav Kubant
in Czech Republic

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  Schraderhaus K9 Stud Male 

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"SG" Norbo Den-Lu
von Schraderhaus
Hips SV:  A1/ED Normal

** We are proud to present
Norbo's first Son
Sired by Norbo von Schraderhaus
out of Lusy Naspo;

** Norbo Den Lu von Schraderhaus **

Black Sable
HD:SV Hips A1 / Elbows A1  View Films
Sire: Norbo von Schraderhaus
Lusy Naspo
Slovak/Czech Border Patrol / Old DDR Pedigree
DDC Veterinary Certified Degenerative Myelopathy    (Certified N/A )

Sired by Norbo von Schraderhaus..the only pup ever conceived from the only mating between Norbo Ben Ju and our Border Patrol female Denny Jipo-Me, our Norbo was a handsome dark sable dog.  A solidly built young male from impeccable strong Slovak/Czech working bloodlines. Norbo had incredible energy displaying great love for the game.  He was confident and extremely friendly with all who greet him. He participated with great joy when doing bitework and possessed a deep and persistent nose for scent work.  His temperament was outgoing and free in nature, and his social skills in public including associating with children is trustworthy and sure.  We miss him dearly, but it gives me great joy to know that his essence lives on through his exceptionally talented offspring.. 

Norbo's dam is Lusy Naspo, a lovely solid black female imported from Eurosport by owner Bob Pac of PacHaus K9.  She is 100% focused on the work and learns quickly. We searched for a good mate to breed to our late male Norbo in the hopes of producing a son from the mating which would be of the same quality as was our Norbo, and were extremely pleased to choose Lusy Naspo  as the dam for our first litters by Norbo, conceived via insemination with frozen semen  from his late father Norbo von Schraderhaus.  Our Norbo's first son, Norbo Den-Lu and the siblings Bojek and Akeelah who were produced within this litter are wonderful representatives of the breed and possess all the traits that we strive to produce in our offspring.  Lusy has achieved an impressive number of working titles, being solely trained by Bob Pac who is her Handler/Owner/Trainer (HOT). To date Lusy has obtained her V Rating, Sch 1, Sch2, KKL1 and Sch3 in 2009.

Norbo's grandsire is the legendary Norbo Ben Ju...6 time WUSV competitor on the world Team for Czechoslovakia, Norbo Ben Ju has been one of the most influential producing stud dogs worldwide for the original working German Shepherd Dog. He is truly one of the finest producing stud males to ever be imported into the United States and has earned his place in history for improving upon not only the working ability of the original GSD but for imparting strength in structural integrity to his offspring.

 Norbo's granddam, Denny Jipo Me is one of the finest daughters of Gero z Blatenskeho Zamku (výborný, ZVV3,  IPO3, SchH3, FH, OP1) . Denny is the product of the exceptional breeding between Gero and the foundation female for the Jipo-Me kennel, Zeira Jirkova Dvora (velmi dobry, ZVV1, 0/0). Zeira was noted for passing on to her female offspring excellent temperaments and warmth in character, characteristic retrieve drive, and excellent overall working abilities.  Some examples of these fine dogs include greats such as Gero z Blatenskeho Zamku, Omar z Blatenskeho Zamku, Treu v. Schaferstolz, Iwo v.d. Buscheke, Whisky v. Ritterberg, Bojar v. Schotterhof, and the well known Czech working female Klara z Pohranicni Straze who has been noted here because of her long list of super strong working offspring. Other greats include Arko vom Gräfental, (one of the last DDR Bundessiegers before the wall came down in 1989).

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Litters sired by
Norbo Den Lu von Schraderhaus
Norbo Den Lu x Odessa v Schraderhaus

Norbo's Pedigree

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Bojek Den-Lu von Schraderhaus

Caleb Den-Lu von Schraderhaus
Akeelah Den-Lu von Schraderhaus

NORBO DEN LU at 45 mos 315wNorbo Den Lu von Schraderhaus
@ 45 months

Norbo D L 21 mos sitz
Norbo Den Lu @ 21 mos

Norbo D L Head 2 yrs
Norbo Den Lu @ 24 mos
Norbl Den Lu 2 yrs 200w_males
24 mos
Norbo Den Lu 4yr 5 mos old4 yrs 5 mos old
Below is Norbo's first son
from Norbo's 1st
 Den Lu litter
out of Lusy Naspo

Norbo DL 5 yrs 3 mos
5 yrs 3 mos

Norbo D L 24 mos 315w

Norbo Den Lu @ 24 mos

Norbo DL at 21 mosNorbo Den Lu @ 21 mos

Norbo 5 mos 325x315
Norbo Den Lu von Schraderhaus
@ 5 months
Upcoming future stud for our kennel

Norbo DL 6 mos@ 6 months
Norbo Den-Lu 8 mosNorbo Den-Lu von Schraderhaus
@ 8 months

Norbo Den-Lu stand 8mos8 mos
Norbo DL Training pics 3 yrs
Norbo DL in Czech Republic
Training under the direction of Stanislav Kubant

Norbo DL @ 3 yrs of age
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Norbo DL 11 wks 310w
Norbo Den Lu @ 11 wks

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